Can you imagine a decrease of 35% of the labour force in 20 years? That’s what Google forecasts. The company has released a report with interesting data, such as that currently 60% of product sales worldwide occur without the intervention of a seller, that is, these are online sales; or that 65% of the searches on Google end up in a conversion, which is a purchase or a sale. A clear evolution of the new generations is happening, since they have access to advanced technology.

Technology helps companies be more efficient, but it cannot replace humans and humans cannot do the job as efficiently as technology does. It is essential to find a balance between humans and technology.

It is clear that an evolution in the labour market will take place in the future, in some sectors more than others. In some specific cases, as in repetitive or dynamic work, the machine is much more efficient than man. Workers who have jobs which can be replaced by machines will have to find some way to evolve or be recycled into other sectors in which human capital can contribute much more than what a machine can do. Will we be able to find the balance between the machine and the man that controls it?

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