What is programmatic buying?

Programmatic buying has entered the world of marketing, making ads more efficient and effective. This is achieved thanks to the use of big data that makes the advertisement appear in the most appropriate inventory, either in the form of banner or video pre-roll on websites or social networks. The purchase is made through RTB, Real […]

Why do a native advertising campaign?

Over the years we have seen the world of online advertising spread to virtually all areas and web services, generating large amount of advertising revenue and set as a staple for advertiser and brands. However, some strategist have been characterized by a somewhat invasive style. It’s in this scenario where Native Advertising has emerged as […]


Can you imagine a decrease of 35% of the labour force in 20 years? That’s what Google forecasts. The company has released a report with interesting data, such as that currently 60% of product sales worldwide occur without the intervention of a seller, that is, these are online sales; or that 65% of the searches on Google end up in a conversion, which is a purchase or a sale. A clear evolution of the new generations is happening, since they have access to advanced technology.